Toddlers Physical SkillsSocial SkillsEmotional skillsCognitive Learning skills

Toddlers grow exponentially in their ability to communicate, control movement, and assert their independence and individuality. In the same way that adolescence falls between childhood and adulthood, toddlers are transitioning from total dependence of babyhood to the more independent, mobile world of preschool aged child.


The toddler program is designed to guide each child through their transition from the sensory-motor world of infants to an increasingly social world and the onset of symbolic thinking. The environment is well-planned, allowing for child-choice and staff-directed play with small groups, circle-times, toddler yoga, reflection and documentation of learning experiences, and supportive teaching that prepares children for academic excellence.

The toddler program is developed using the “Experience Toddler Early Learning” by Mother Goose Time. The curriculum incorporates a balance of:

Physical Skills – fine and gross motor skills.

Social and Emotional skills – building self esteem and learning to get along with others and share.

Cognitive Learning skills – including language arts, math, science, music and art. Foreign languages are introduced to enhance spoken and auditory skills.

The daily environment and activities are designed to prepare your toddler to enter our preschool program with all the skills needed to be successful and happy. Theme-based music (e.g. “Build a Campfire” when studying about camping) adds to the learning and fun your child will experience.

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