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Your child will develop a relationship with the teachers to ensure that your baby feels the love and comfort of home. The lead teacher plays a special role and is responsible for your baby’s prime times — those critical one-to-one moments of caring and play, nurturing and communication. We will work with you and your child to ensure their needs are met while applying our many years of experience in and knowledge of caring for children.


Babies are born with curious minds and the desire to learn about the world around them. Our curriculum is derived from “Experience Early Learning 3-18 Months” by Mother Goose Time. It is designed to foster development of your child’s intellectual, emotional, physical and social skills. We provide babies with a safe, welcoming atmosphere, abundant with opportunities to actively play, encouraging them to investigate the world by exploring a rich sensory environment filled with different sights, sounds, textures and sensations. Music soothes and calms our little ones and gets them in the groove of play.

At A Rising Star Children’s Center, infants:

Connect – with other children and our caring staff to form relationships that foster a sense of security and trust.

Communicate – in a setting filled with singing, music, reading, poetry, conversations, finger plays, and lots of smiles and hugs.

Develop – gross and fine motor skills with room to grow in a home like environment, safe places to roll over and pull up, creep, crawl and climb and to embark on their journey into the world.

Discover – satisfy their natural curiosity by learning about the world around them with quality educational materials and exceptional, exciting learning experiences. In our play rooms and outdoor areas, children will find many treasures, soft fabrics, natural materials, sensory tables, and lots of great books to hold. There are musical instruments; lots of toys for play; safe equipment and outdoor places to safely explore; and lots of warm open arms to provide young babies with the security and confidence they need to branch out and explore.

Communication Is Essential

As parents, you deserve to know everything that happens while your baby is in our care. We make great effort to ensure that you are always informed about your child’s day. We tell you about your child’s individual experiences through daily communications, your baby’s daily personal education plan and portfolio and photographic displays on an app available on cell phones or computers called KidReports. Through this app you can get real time information about your child’s activities, eating, napping, diaper changes and communicate with the teacher. To ensure the care we provide is just right for you and your baby, we create a custom personal educational plan which includes a daily schedule, nutritional guidelines, goals and objectives that are created with the help of the parents. The plan will reflect your child’s unique characteristics and your own beliefs, values, and culture. Phone calls, text messages, conferences, and e-mails are all part of this important partnership.

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