Our kids have been at the A Rising Star day care since they were three months old. The staff at A Rising Star has been instrumental in helping our kids at all stages of growing and learning. They were attentive when the kids were young, and then, as they got older, the staff has helped them with their homework after school. Our kids have enjoyed the flexibility of the mixed-age day care because they have the opportunity to be around children of all ages. A Rising Star has a wonderful teaching program and, as parents themselves, know that learning is a priority for our kids’ success.

Cynthia and Sven Willkehr, Cortlandt Manor, NY

Our first child, Joseph: everything is a learning experience. The unbridled love from the very first second of his life, the painful fatigue after weeks of sleeping in two-hour increments, and the building dread that comes with the realization that you can’t stay home with him every day until he starts kindergarten. That feeling of dread was the simple product of our own ignorance. Miss Gloria and her staff are the perfect mix of professional care givers and loving “relatives,” and they have the skills, training, and emotional intelligence to care for children of all ages. The perfect measure of how good they are comes in observing Joseph as we arrive every morning. He observes everything as we walk up the drive, head on a swivel. When I open the outer door, the familiar squeal of the hinges makes his breathing quicken and he focuses on the entryway. He knows fun is on the way! When he hears the giggles of his classmates from behind the entry, he begins bouncing in my arms. When he finally sees Miss Gloria or Mr. Tom, he leans out toward them, arms outstretched, ready to join his best friends for the day! He loves it there. We love that he loves it there. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Jeff and Elizabeth Frederick, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Our family choose A Rising Star based on the program they offer and the fun the kids have. I know our girls are in a safe place all day where they learn, play, and make friends. This is very important to our family. What I like most is that our girls come home every day having learned a lesson, song, and viewed pictures on a different topic. They are always excited to tell us what they learned that day. A few other things I love about this program are: • The creative ways the kids learn through unique lessons, projects, and crafts. • The kids go outside almost every day so they get to experience the weather and seasons. • Breakfast, lunch, and snack are served. • The diaper program is great and one less thing to pack in the morning. • The attention and care during potty training was really great. • A Rising Star often stay opens when snow causes school closures as many parents still need to be at work. • The holiday and graduation parties are a wonderful opportunity to see the kids sing together and to get to know the other families. • I LOVE the daily emails on what the kids learned and their cute answers. I forward it my sister, my parents, and my in-laws. It’s everyone’s favorite email of the day by far! Our two girls have been attending A Rising Star for two years, since they were 2 ½, and 10 months old. My girls are excited for formal school. I am so proud when they hit another milestone with things they learned at day care and so are they. The community of kids, their families, and all of your teachers at A Rising Star are really special. Knowing our girls are in such good hands and experiencing really creative ways to learn and learning so much, really means a lot to us all.

John and Millie Mish, Cortlandt Manor, NY

We chose A Rising Star because from the moment we walked in we saw an active group of kids, happy and engaged. The curriculum they followed was fantastic, and we loved receiving the daily emails with all the kids had learned and the answers that each kid had given to the questions of the day. (Thanks to those emails, I now have a collection of all the hilarious things my kids said at school.) My son was at A Rising Star for four years and my daughter started there when she was barely 10 weeks old and just left to go to kindergarten. I knew that at A Rising Star they were getting the academic and social skills they needed to be successful in school. They also had a Spanish vocabulary component to the lessons which was really important to us since we are a bilingual family. I would recommend A Rising Star to all families looking for a day care that will focus on each individual child, treat them with love and respect, and prepare them to be successful later on in school. We will always feel part of the Rising Star family.

Natalia and David Ortega-Brown, Peekskill, NY

We were referred to A Rising Star Children’s Center by a friend who had a daughter there a year older than ours. We chose this program because of our friend’s enthusiastic referral. When we visited, we saw a small, mixed-age group of children who were clearly engaged and enjoying themselves. We also appreciated the balance between the structured curriculum and unstructured playtime. We liked that children were exposed to foreign languages and got plenty of fresh air including small daily walks. Date night for parents (pajama party for the kids) was also a very nice plus to look forward to. The Halloween, Christmas, graduation, and pool parties helped parents get to know each other, enjoy good conversation, good food, and the much awaited children’s performances. We also loved the daily e-mails detailing our child’s creative responses during lesson time and summarizing the day so we’d feel included in the daily goings on. The millions of pictures as well as some videos of our child and her friends on Facebook allowed us to share our child’s daily life with faraway grandparents. Our child was in the program from the age of two to the age of five. She thrived there and benefited from the early literacy activities offered daily. She also learned to socialize, share, and get along with others. Even now that she’s started kindergarten, she has maintained the friendships she made at day care and looks forward to seeing those friends whenever she can. We would heartily recommend A Rising Star to anyone in the area. Thank you for being a home away from home for our daughter!

Natalia and David Ortega-Brown, Peekskill, NY

Jay and I would like to thank you for the great job you have done for our girls these last six years. They have been with you since infants and it has been a real comfort to both of us to see how much fun they have while learning everyday. They both have developed into great little people and you have been a big part of that development. Thank you again for all the support.

Kristen R., Cortlandt Manor, NY

My daughter attended A Rising Star Children’s Center for two years, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. I loved all the activities as well as the curriculum there from the first day Gloria, Tom, and Tessa welcomed her and made her feel part of their family. All the teachers were really engaging and pleasant. They were always very accomodating to my busy work schedule, even on short notice, and they made sure my daughter was always well taken care of and happy. I would highly recommend A Rising Star, and I have nothing but the best to say about the staff and the owners. Mi hija asistio a A Rising Star Children’s Center por dos anios, y fue una experiencia excelente. Las profesoras y los duenos siempre tuvieron una muy buena disposicion, y se aseguraron que mi hija estuviera bien cuidada y feliz. Desde el primer dia hicieron que mi hija se sienta parte de la familia. Siempre se acomodaron a mi horario de trabajo, inclusive a ultima hora cuando tenia que trabajar tarde. Recomiendo mucho A Rising Star, y no tengo sino buenos recuerdos del personal y los duenos del establecimiento.

Sarita Ozaetta, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

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